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Episode 14

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Milo Soakers by Kristen Rengren

La Mancha’s Giants by Rose Hiver (FREE!!)

Andrea’s Show-off Stranded Socks (Ravelry and Blog)

Solitaire Beret by Natalie Larson

Star Booties by Linda Perman

Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting

Mary Scott Huff

Mary’s Ravellenic Delft Pillow

Andrea’s Ravellenic Big Montana Tunic

Ravellenic Projects Thread

Birth Date Contest Thread!!!

Q and A Thread

Wool Junkies on Ravelry


Episode 13

Sorry about the sound in this episode. I forgot to make a couple of adjustments before recording and the recorded sound goes up and down a bit during the episode.

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Hourglass Rib Socks

Show-off Stranded Socks


Andrea’s Pebble Vest (blog and Ravelry)

Andrea’s Sunny Spread (Ravlery)

Andrea’s Pillars (blog and Ravelry)

Ranch Dog Knitting

Never Not Knitting

Mary’s blog post on tie-dying

Andrea’s blog post on tie-dying

Wool Junkies Ravelry Group

Q and A thread